Owning a car in Helsinki will be pointless by 2025 image

Helsinki’s authorities are working on a highly ambitious plan focused on a forward-thinking public transportation system, aimed at making prospective car buyers reconsider their need of owning a car.

There are increasingly more cities around the world looking for viable solutions to clear the air, to take dirty cars off their roads and to find ways to encourage buyers to go green. However, the most idealistic plan, which now seems impossible to hit, is to just remove from the streets all the privately owned vehicles. And this is what Finland’s capital and its largest city of Helsinki wants to achieve, according to Co.Exist. Officials are considering a complete transportation plan that includes the public and private sectors so the residence could choose the fastest or cheapest mode of travel. “The city’s role is to enable that market to emerge,” Sonja Heikkila, a transportation engineer with the Helsinki government, said.

The idea is to offer the citizens the possibility of accessing the system through smartphone apps so they could summon rideshares, on-demand busses which will have dynamic routes based on requests at any given moment, self-driving cars or a special transport. Riders could even buy “mobility packages” according to their needs. The digitally-enabled mobility plan aims to revolutionize the transportation system that is currently designed around vehicles, roads, bridges, subways and buses by emphasizing individual needs so the commuters will not need to own a car anymore.

Via Autoblog / Co.Exist