Recall roundup: Acura MDX for AC problems image

Acura has issued a recall for several units of the MDX because of a problem with the air conditioning.

Owners of certain 2014-2015 model year Acura MDX and MDX AWD will have to take a trip back to the dealers in order to get the AC problem solved. According to the NHTSA, affected vehicles may not have received the anti-corrosion coating on the AC compressor clutch drive bolts and this may corrode and break.

“The affected vehicles have air conditioning compressor clutch drive bolts that may not have received the proper anti-corrosion coating. If a bolt was not coated, it may corrode and break as a result. If the bolt breaks, the compressor clutch plate may separate from the vehicle, possibly becoming a road hazard”, says the NHTSA in its recall summary and consequence of the problem.

The 2014-2015 Acura MDX and MDX AWD subjected to this recall have been produced between the 23rd of April, 2013, and the 16th of December, 2014. Owners will be notified by Honda and the company’s dealers will be replacing the air conditioning compressor clutch drive bolt and install, if necessary, a new clutch plate, free of charge. The recall should begin on the 31st of July. For any extra details on the topic, owners can contact the Acura client relations at 1 800 382 2238 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration vehicle safety hotline at 1 888 327 4236.

  • Paul Heemskerk

    The A/C system doesnt fall apart like your title says. I think you need to address the problem and not overexaggerate the problem. There is an issue with the bolts. The bolts that hold the unit to the vehicle so it does not fall off the vehicle. Those bolts are the issue and need replacement. Always appears this site throws Acura under the bus.