Japanese automaker Infiniti could use its new collaboration with Red Bull Racing to produce a high-performance road car.

“Our relationship with Red Bull is only five races old, but the trajectory for it is to move on and work more closely together. One way of doing that is on a road car project,” said Simon Sproule, Nissan’s Corporate VP for Global Motorsport.

Citing the Renault Clio Williams as precedent, the Japanese luxury automaker is reportedly looking into making a performance-oriented version of one of its current products to go beyond the current Infiniti Performace Line.
As a result, Sproule added that whatever car was chosen as the base for the project would be substantially reworked and would have to be re-homologated before it could go on sale.
In 1992, Renault launched the Clio Williams with a limited run of 500, for racing homologation purposes. At that time, Williams had nothing to do with the design or engineering of this Clio. The modifications to the Clio 16S on which it was based were the work of Renault Sport, Renault’s motorsport division.



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