Renault Said It Had Talks With Mitsubishi But No Deal Was Reached image

Renault said that it had several talks with Mitsubishi about a possible cooperation, but had not resulted in a deal.

Some investors see Renault as one of the automakers in Europe which need to find more partners to broaden their product range and distribution. Renault has announced it plans to increase projects with partner Nissan, and also said that it is opened to alliances with other automakers.

“We had discussions with Mitsubishi in the past on limited cooperation as we have done with other automakers, but they didn’t result in an agreement,” a Renault spokeswoman said. “We have nothing new at this stage.”

Earlier today, May 31st, Mitsubishi denied any talks with Renault, as was stated by Le Figaro newspaper. The newspaper relied on an unnamed Renault executive, familiar with the situation, who said that the French automaker was considering a partnership with Mitsubishi, similar with those it has with other automakers.

“Nissan is already cooperating with Mitsubishi. Renault is looking for opportunities, but hasn’t yet decided for the moment,” a person familiar with the situation was quoted as telling the paper. “It could be the same type of project as the cooperation with Mercedes.”

Source: Reuters