The guys over at Auto Express decided to have a go and imagine how the Giulia model could look, besides adding some juicy details about the upcoming 3 Series rival.

The Giulia mid size sedan is a very important model in Alfa Rome’s bounce strategy – as the Italian sports car manufacturer seeks to overcome the shadow cast over its sales. Besides the all-new 4C sports car, which is astounding but will be limited to a niche status, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles needs Alfa to strike in the densely populated mid size car sector.

So, the Giulia will be pitted against the well known German A4, 3 Series, C Class trio – but will most likely battle another underdog – the British Jaguar XE. Also, the rear-wheel drive sedan aims to make a dent into the very large US and Chinese markets.

“We’ve already gone public in Detroit that we’re working hard on the next phase of Alfa, and it’s a severe rethink of everything we’ve done,” said Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne. “By the end of 2015 you will see cars that are representative of Alfas going forward.”

With Giulia as the first mainstream model in Alfa’s revival plan, besides the already launched 4C and 2015 due Spider, all models aim to make the Italian brand a global player again.

Via Auto Express


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