Report – Subaru is quiet on the BRZ subject, is the model getting the axe? image

Apparently nobody at the Japanese automaker has yet confirmed the BRZ is being succeeded by a model as there is no news of the company starting work on the development of a new generation.

An executive at the Australian unit of Subaru recently talked to local media and said “I haven’t seen it on the product planning charts, but there’s talk of it. So I’m not sure,” commented Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior, who discussed the issue while attending the launch of the Subaru Impreza in Australia. While there is no official information regarding the model so far, with the Japanese company not confirming officially or otherwise there’s a new generation of the sports coupe in the pipeline, Senior said t he supports the BRZ. This is due to the model’s ability to bring in younger customers, seen as a key direction in the years to come for the brand.

“It’s brought new customers to the brand, there’s no doubt about it, younger customers,” he explained. “And where it has been beneficial is younger customers that are sportier orientated, have been probably not ready or probably couldn’t afford a WRX, but we’re seeing a few BRZ people – as they get a bit older and their income rises they move to a WRX.” The ongoing BRZ has received a recent update this year with more power and torque for the 2.0-liter flat-four engine now packing 205 horsepower (151 kilowatts) and 156 pound-feet (211 newton meters) of torque for manual-gearbox versions.

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