Report – Tesla is going to Beijing but with “Tuosule” name image

After TESLA applied for the registration of the trademark “TESLA” in 2009 and was turned down because one man, named Zhan Baosheng already had the rights to the name since 2006, the American automaker opted for the “Tuosule” moniker.

According to sources familiar to the matter “the name of TESLA in China has been changed to “Tuosule” which is a wholesales company and the sales company is also under examination and approval.”

The new brand name is born of the transliteration of Tesla by Hongkongnese. Tesla Hongkong was established earlier than the Mainland branch, so the transliteration “Tuosule” was adopted. At present, both Hongkong and Mainland branches directly report to Tesla headquarters and the two branches are in sister relation.

Also, the Tesla showroom – located at Parkview Green Beijing – will be soon open for business and may only receive orders at first while not being able to sell cars to customers for the time being. The source disclosed the new showroom to be nearly twice as large as the usual American showroom and is also the globally biggest Tesla showroom. It is estimated to finish the whole decoration in two weeks after the completion of equipment installation.