Autonomous car development might get a boost soon if a new draft legislation, coming from a U.S. House Republican proposal, becomes law – putting the rule book in the hands of the government, not the state and local lawmakers.

The new legislation – which is still far from becoming law – would see any state or local regulator banned from setting its own rules in terms of design and testing procedures of self-driving autos, but federal regulators are also blocked from claiming pre-market approval for autonomous vehicle technology. This law would represent a major step forward for any company implicated into autonomous technology development right not in the United States, as they strive to persuade Congress and the Trump administration to deliver rules that would prevent limits imposed on self-driving technology.

The industry is trying to deliver the technology as fast as it can, but it’s also trying to push against a previous Obama administration from 2016 that would have seen regulators able to review and pre-approve self-driving tech before it hits the market – just like the Federal Aviation Administration does with new aircraft technology. The draft has established the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as the main regulator for self-driving cars, above any state rule.

Via Reuters


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