Aston Martin Racing triumphed in its American Le Mans Series return Saturday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, with drivers Adrian Fernandez, Stefan Mucke and Harold Primat taking the Gulf-liveried Lola-Aston Martin to a three-lap victory in the six-hour California enduro.

The trio battled all day with Lola-Mazdas fielded by Dyson Racing and Oryx Dyson Racing, as well as the Lola-Aston Martin fielded by Muscle Milk Aston Martin Racing.

“It has been a difficult year for all of us with the new car at Aston Martin. It was nice to come back with the older car and know it’s reliable,” said Fernandez.

“This is only Harold and myself, our 2nd race with the car, so the next at Petit will be important for us. The racing in the ALMS right now is fantastic racing. The Mazdas and the Muscle Milk car were really competitive and I think we were all really pushing close up until the last 30 minutes or so.”

Dyson Racing’s P1 title was unofficially confirmed when Muscle Milk Aston Martin Racing went behind the wall after three and a half hours to replace a fuel pump.

Primat said:

“This is an absolutely fantastic result for the whole team. It is a great feeling to be standing back on the top step of the podium and the whole team should be proud of today’s result. Everyone has worked extremely hard to keep improving the car step by step and today’s victory is testimony to all that effort.”

Results - 248 laps:

Pos  Cl   Drivers                         Team/Car                    Time/Gap
 1.  P1   Fernandez/Primat/Mucke          AMR Lola-Aston          6h01m02.936s
 2.  P1   Dyson/Smith/Cochran             Dyson Lola-Mazda            + 3 laps
 3.  P1   Al Masaood/Kane/Leitzinger      Dyson Lola-Mazda            + 3 laps
 4.  P2   Tucker/Bouchut/Diaz             Level 5 HPD                 + 7 laps
 5.  PC   Lux/Julian/Guasch               Genoa FLM                   + 7 laps
 6.  PC   Jeannette/Gonzalez/Junco        CORE Autosport FLM          + 7 laps
 7.  PC   Ducote/Ducote/Marcelli          Intersport FLM              + 9 laps
 8.  PC   Bennett/Montecalvo/Wallace      CORE Autosport FLM          + 9 laps
 9.  PC   Moro/Drissi/Vera                Intersport FLM             + 11 laps
10.  UNC  Dumas/Lietz                     Porsche Hybrid             + 12 laps
11.  GT   Bergmeister/Long                Flying Lizard Porsche      + 12 laps
12.  GT   Muller/Hand                     RLL BMW                    + 12 laps
13.  GT   Sharp/van Overbeek              Extreme Speed Ferrari      + 12 laps
14.  GT   Auberlen/Werner                 RLL BMW                    + 12 laps
15.  GT   Gavin/Magnussen                 Corvette                   + 12 laps
16.  GT   Melo/Vilander                   Risi Ferrari               + 12 laps
17.  PC   Nicolosi/Boon/Lueders           Performance Tech FLM       + 13 laps
18.  GT   Beretta/Milner                  Corvette                   + 13 laps
19.  PC   Dobson/Richard/Villeneuve       PR1 Mathiasen FLM          + 16 laps
20.  GT   Brown/Cosmo                     Extreme Speed Ferrari      + 17 laps
21.  GT   Neiman/Holzer                   Flying Lizard Porsche      + 18 laps
22.  GT   Miller/Maassen                  Miller Porsche             + 24 laps
23.  GTC  Ende/Pumpelly/Ludwig            TRG Porsche                + 26 laps
24.  GTC  Pappas/Bleekemolen/Bleekemolen  Black Swan Porsche         + 26 laps
25.  GTC  LeSaffre/Faulkner               Green Hornet Porsche       + 27 laps
26.  P1   Burgess/McMurry/Willman         Autocon Lola-AER           + 28 laps
27.  GTC  Sweedler/Wong/Lewis             Alex Job Porsche           + 28 laps
28.  GTC  Sofronas/Welch                  GMG Porsche                + 28 laps
29.  GTC  von Moltke/Buckler/di Guida     TRG Porsche                + 32 laps
30.  GTC  Ragginger/Kauffmann/Cisnero     NGT Porsche                + 33 laps
31.  GTC  Ham/Thompson/Blackett           JDX Porsche                + 35 laps
32.  P1   Luhr/Graf                       Muscle Milk Lola-Aston     + 48 laps


    GT   Junqueira/Wilden                RSR Jaguar                  186 laps
    GT   Henzler/Sellers                 Falken Porsche              101 laps
    GTC  Avenatti/Faieta/Wagner          Competition Porsche          96 laps
    GT   Jones/Moran                     RSR Jaguar                    5 laps


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