Volkswagen presents the latest generation of the radio navigation system RNS 510 at the current International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt: this system, with new auxiliary functions like voice control, is now even easier to operate. With the multimedia travel guide MERIAN scout, the RNS 510 also provides pictorial, textual and audible information about destinations and gives useful tips.

The newest generation of the RNS 510 can be operated with voice control and without constantly pressing buttons. This device identifies names of places and streets and also short voice commands like “start route guidance” and immediately begins to calculate the route. The destination can now be entered easily in four languages. The RNS 510 can also provide quick and appropriate solutions by giving easily understandable instructions and information. Not only this: the telephone can also be operated using voice control without any problems.

MERIAN scout route guides (ReiseGuides) for the RNS 510 can also be accessed under These route guides provide information and tips on tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and other interesting places with photos. Additionally, it is also possible to listen to interesting sound clips on selected tourist attractions. The MERIAN scout route guides are available for a large number of regions and cities in Germany and Europe. Operating it is really simple: before the journey, the customer has to load the files from the internet on an SD card and transfer them to the RNS 510. Here, the MERIAN scout route guide pictures can be selected and the stored information can be accessed.

Apart from this, the RNS 510 also has the function “Picture Navigation”. With this function, it is possible to attach one’s own pictures to the respective addresses or geographical data. On saving these on an SD card and transferring them to the RNS 510, these pictures are displayed and selected and the routes are calculated.

VW RNS 510


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