Although issued late February, the campaign to call back the cars – 2.6 million of them – equipped with defective ignition switches still looks to be in its early stages.

So far, General Motors disclosed yesterday it has replaced only 47,000 switches, taking also the time to warn its investors to expect more recalls over the summer as the automaker is reviewing all data for potential problems to its cars – after the so far record 29 actions.

In other important news, its product chief Mark Reuss is now set to lead a recently created team of five executives that will overview and decide when and if a GM recall is made – that way ensuring that responsibility for the safety actions is now publicly set at the highest executive level.

“We recognized that we need to make some big changes — which we’re in the process of doing — in our overall recall process,” said Jeff Boyer, GM’s new global safety chief. “When we determine a recall is necessary, we’re doing it very promptly, and I think you’re seeing very clear evidence of that.”

The new Reuss team is also meant to speed up GM’s response to problems and ensure an improved communication with the public and federal authorities. The company now has an expanded team of 55 investigators that search through all media and data for car problems – part of why the automaker seems on a recall spree lately.


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