We have caught this facelifted version of the Porsche 911 recently near the Nurburgring as it was quietly sitting around in a parking lot.

Performing a facelift on the Porsche 911 is quite tricky, not for the car manufacturer but for the owners who don’t always manage to find out what Porsche has exactly done. This is exactly the case here where, despite capturing it on camera without any camouflage, it was hard finding out what the company has done to it.
Even so, Porsche fans will be glad to see it naked and, with the 2015th edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show coming in pretty fast, chances are this will be making its public debut at the German automotive event.

The current generation of the Porsche 911, the 991, has been shown back in 2011 and it is coming in the Carrera and Carrera S versions. The cheaper one is making use of a 3.4 liter engine, rated at 350 HP (257 kW), while the Carrera S has a larger 3.8 liter unit under its hood, producing 400 HP (294 kW).

There is also a Power Kit option, which will bring the output of the Carrera S to 430 HP. Rumor has it that the facelifted version will bring, besides the minor visual modifications, some changes performed to the cabin and also an updated engine lineup. Exact details on what these will be are not known at this time.


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