A recent study from the University of Utah shows that people who think they are multitaskers are actually wrong.

The study refers especially at those who think they can drive and text at the same time. Scientists tested multitasking ability at 310 university students, by making them memorize letters while calculating basic arithmetic problems. They were also asked to rank themselves according to a multitasker chart.

“What is alarming is that people who talk on cells phones while driving tend to be the people least able to multitask well,” says psychology Professor David Sanbonmatsu, a senior author of the study. “Our data suggest the people talking on cell phones while driving are people who probably shouldn’t.”

The study subjects also had to report how often they used a mobile phone while driving and also give a percentage of the time they think they spent on the phone while behind the wheel. The study showed that 70% of the subjects said they were above-average at multitasking, in fact only 25% were.

“The people who multitask the most tend to be impulsive, sensation-seeking, overconfident of their multitasking abilities, and they tend to be less capable of multitasking,” says Strayer.


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