Supercars crash in Monaco image

A weird accident involving almost all the supercars you can think about happened at Café de Paris in Monaco, with damages rising easily to a six-figure price.

Usually car crashes these days involve average vehicles driven by average people, but what would happen if the incident would take place in the “rich-men paradise” Monaco? Well it will have at least a supercar with sever body damages, you would say. But this is not the case here and in fact no less than six supercars were involved in a weird crash.

The incident near the Café de Paris in Monaco involved a Ferrari F430 (220.000 US dollars), an Aston Martin Rapide (200.000 dollars), a Bentley Azure (360.000 dollars), a Rolls Royce Phantom (290.000 – 430.000 dollars), a Porsche 911 (70.000 dollars) and a Mercedes S-Class (160.000 dollars).

The “spectacle” attracted a large crowd armed with photo cameras and the incident quickly appeared on the internet thanks to Autogespot. One thing is for sure, besides the owners of the supercars, the insurance companies won’t be happy with the crash. No details are currently available regarding the “event”.