Tesla Model S’ latest fire caused by loosen electrical connection image

An improperly tightened electrical connection was the root cause of the latest Tesla Model S fire, as it appears the connection had been tightened by hand, not a robot.

According to the latest report, Tesla has already wrapped up its investigation into the apparent spontaneous combustion of a Model S, with the fire caused by an “improperly tightened” bolted electrical connection. The fire occurred last month during a test drive in France, and to make matters worse it was during a promo event. The Model S P90D started making loud noises and a ‘problem with charging’ warning message appeared on the dash – a Tesla employee was in the car and asked the car and the other passenger to pull over and disembark – moments before the car burst into flames.

“Usually, these electrical connections are installed by a robot, but for this car this connection was installed manually. There has never been a similar incident in another one of our cars,” commented Tesla’s French communications manager, Charles Delaville. There have been other Tesla fires, but most of them due to crashes – in 2014 the company started installing extra undercarriage protection to mitigate the hazards. Another case of fire occurred while the car was plugged into a Supercharger station, and that was due to a short circuit in the car’s distribution boxes.

Via Electrek