The Nurburgring has a new owner – Viktor Kharitonin image

Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin has just purchased the famous German track, the Nurburgring.

“The Green Hell” is where most carmakers go to test their future models, it has really become a benchmark in the automotive production and even if a small part of petrol heads don’t agree to a future car being tested on a track, this leads to improved handling and performance and it is even giving car companies the boost to put more powerful engines under the hoods of the vehicles.

Despite all is looking good with the Nurburgring, the truth is that the circuit has had a lot of financial problems over the few years. Back in March, Capricorn Group and Getspeed have acquired it for approximately 77 million euros but senior partner Capricorn, which has two-thirds in the deal, is facing some major financial issues and had no option but to sell it, despite Getspeed making the first 5 million EUR payment.

According to the German media, the Nurburgring now has a new owner – Viktor Kharitonin. He is a Russian billionaire who apparently made the second and the third due payment installments for the track despite the latter is not due until December. It remains unknown at the moment what the new owner is planning to do with the famous track but chances are this will be resurrected, as the profit potential is truly immense.