Toyota testing EV car-sharing service in Grenoble, France image

Japanese automaker Toyota, the world’s largest auto company, has launched this month an interesting car sharing scheme in a French city, adding that proven successful over a three-year trial period, the service would expand to other municipalities.

Although you might be aware that Toyota has decided to become a supporter of all electric cars powered by fuel cells, they also have all-electric battery operated vehicles – although you might want to refrain from calling them cars. We’re talking here about three-wheel Toyota i-ROAD and four-wheel Toyota Auto Body COMS. 35 units of each variety have now become available to commuters for short city trips in Grenoble, with 27 charging stations installed and operated by Sodetrel. Over time, there would be 120 charging points for the project and 41 for other plug-in vehicles –part of a larger masterplan to enhance the city’s transport infrastructure.

The service, which became operational on October 1, is called “Cité lib by Ha:mo.” The Grenoble travelers can hire one of the 70 vehicles parked in strategic points around the city through a simple smartphone application.

Toyota is just the latest in a longer by day list of automakers (such as Renault, PSA/Peugeot-Citroen, BMW, Daimler and Ford) that promote car-sharing to address a concerning situation: city residents have increasingly stopped buying cars, relying instead on public transport and the surging number of car-sharing schemes.

Via Automotive News Europe