Turbocharge your Mazda and get a free goat image

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has just presented a weird marketing strategy: turbocharge your MX-5 and get a free goat.

Because the average MX-5 owners don’t quite fit the goat-loving profile, or at least most of them don’t do, the Mazda campaign will offer the animal to some family in need for every Miata that is turbocharged, as explained in the press release below.

“Each goat Flyin’ Miata purchases through Heifer International can provide a continuing food source for a family by providing several quarts of milk each day. It can be used for nutrition or sold in exchange for food or education. That same goat also makes fertilizer to help crops grow”, as it is written in the company’s press release.

Tuning enthusiasts of the Miata model who will turbocharge their cars will now be able to help a poor family, besides paying for extra fuel, but considering the high prices for petrol these days the goat might just be useful even for MX-5 owners.

  • BrassM

    This isn't a Mazda Marketing campaign. It's a small tuner outfit in Colorado that specializes in Aftermarket Turbo kits and other preformance products for Miatas. And it's more of a charitable donation by some very nice people than a marketing gimmik.