TVR Will Not Build Sports Cars Anymore image

The struggling UK TVR brand won’t restart production of its historic sports cars.

The owner of the company, the former Russian banker Nikolai Smolensky, gave up on production of the famous sports cars, to focus on building wind turbines. Although Smolensky tried to build a new sports car for the brand, the project had to be abandoned due to soaring costs and high expectations from customers. In order to keep the brand’s name and the employees at the Blackpool plant, in the UK, he decided to use the resources of TVR to build portable wind turbines.

Smolensky planned to revive TVR’s glory with three different models: a Tuscan Mk2 convertible, featuring a Corvette engine, a Cerbera, with a BMW turbodiesel, and a new model said to feature an electric drivetrain.

“They all worked well, but the costs were high. We would have to sell them at between £100,000 and £200,000, which was too high to make sense,” Smolensky explained.

For the TVR customers the company will offer maintenance services and spare parts through independent firms Racing Green, Performance Engines and TVR Power. It is a pity that after all these years we won’t be able to buy the unique TVR sports cars.