Ugly Ferrari 599 crash could involve former East European prime minister image

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, a 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB driven by a man named Josef Tosovsky was involved in a multiple-vehicle accident on Georgetown Pike highway in Virginia this past weekend.

We’re always keeping an eye for the exotic wrecks out there, as we’re hoping to make popular the concept that driving a powerful car doesn’t mean you can stop using your brain. Anyways, this one also has an interesting political side dish. That’s because the driver of this erstwhile Ferrari 599 might have been involved into international politics. A Josef Tosovsky was for a few months back in 1998 the prime minister of the Czech Republic. Coincidence or not, the report coming from the Fairfax County Police Department describes the man behind the wheel of the GTB as being 65 years old, exactly the same age as the ex Czech government official. Tosovsky, after serving a quick mandate, has had a successful and high-profile career in finance afterwards, so we’re not excluding the idea of him being a Ferrari owner.

Anyways, the accident he was involved in was pretty major. The police states the Ferrari driver was cresting a hill when he noticed the traffic ahead came to a halt suddenly because of a car making a left turn. With not enough time to stop he tried to avoid the rear-end impact by crossing the double yellow line and in turn collided head on with a 2005 Acura RSX. The Japanese vehicle came to a stop after hitting a utility pole and the out of control 599 then crashed into a BMW sedan and a flatbed. Fortunately, only the 599 passenger and the driver and passenger in the RSX needed hospital care for non-life-threatening injuries. Of course, the Ferrari driver is now facing charges for reckless driving and injury.

Ugly Ferrari 599 crash could involve former East European prime minister 1