UK: Chevrolet Volt will cost £28k image

One of the first of a new breed of range-extender electric vehicles, the innovative Chevrolet Volt will cost from £28,545 on the road when it reaches UK showrooms in spring next year.

Designed to offer high efficiency without the need to be tethered to a charging station, Chevrolet’s E-REV – Extended-Range Electric Vehicle – concept uses the electric motor to directly power the wheels, with the petrol engine only used to keep the vehicle’s integrated battery topped up.
Unlike conventional hybrids, the electric drivetrain – known as E-REV, Extended-Range Electric Vehicle – directly powers the car’s wheels.

If the driver is only commuting, he or she need never put any petrol in the car, meaning it only ever needs fuelling for longer journeys.

“We wanted to back up a century of progress with our vision for the next century,” said Chevrolet UK managing director, Mark Terry. “Except it’s more than a vision, it’s a reality.”

“The Volt is a truly incredible car – the first ever compromise-free electric car with zero-emissions capability. You can use it for going to work and back during the week without ever putting fuel in, but it’s also an electric car that you can use for a family holiday. There are never any concerns that a flat battery will leave you stranded.”

All UK Volts will come with full leather interior as standard.
However, the £28,545 price of the Chevrolet Volt is more expensive than its direct electric-only rival, the Nissan LEAF. That costs £30,990 BEFORE the government plug-in car grant – dropping to £25,990 post-subsidy…
The car will go on sale next spring.