US: Chrysler wants old Vipers be destroyed image

Chrysler donated to schools across the country some 93 Vipers in an auto shop program started a decade ago – and now thinks they educational value has passed, so they need to be crushed.

Still, according to reports, some of the cars were recently involved in auto accidents while driven by students – and since Chrysler is technically still the owner, this could cost the company millions. On the other hand, the company officially denies any such involvement, saying none of the cars were in accidents and simply wants them destroyed because they are obsolete.

“With advancements in automotive technology over the past decade, it is unlikely that these vehicles offer any educational value to students,” the company said in a statement. “Chrysler Group fully understands and appreciates the historical significance of the Viper and is very active in preserving many of its legendary models and designs for historic purposes however, none of these vehicles fit into this category.”

On the other hand, taking for example the South Puget Sound Community College Viper, which has a VIN number that says it’s the fourth built, historical importance could be an issue – it’s said that even Jay Leno tried to buy it from Chrysler. And, with no emissions controls or speed limited this model has 600 hp under the bonnet – as opposed to the first Vipers, which offered a 400 hp V10.