US: workers at VW’s plant challenge UAW objection to vote image

Although workers at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee facility last week voted against allowing UAW’s unionization, the debate around the issue remained, with the union challenging the vote on outside interference.

Now, an anti-union group also said that five workers from the plant seek to challenge the objection filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The UAW filed an objection to the vote with the federal government, saying that its 712-to-626 loss was improperly outside influenced by politicians like Republican Senator Bob Corker.

“The employee-intervenors must be permitted to intervene because their employer and the UAW are colluding to force unionization onto them and their co-workers,” said the workers petition to the NLRB.

The National Right to Work Foundation said the five workers think that both VW and the UAW joined forces to side with the unionization attempt and if they would not be heard the vote would have no defenders. The workers are part of an anti-UAW Chattanooga group called Southern Momentum.

Via Reuters