[Video] 52-year-old Porsche 356 has been daily driven and racked one million miles image

We already know that older vehicles were made not only better but were also more reliable because they were simpler – but to achieve one million miles in a Porsche 356 is still a significant milestone any way you look at it.

Guy Newmark’s Porsche 356 has been driven daily for the past four decades – which is how the legendary model has managed to hit one million miles (1.6 million km) on the odometer. It now joins a very select club – especially considering the fact that we’re dealing with one of Porsche’s iconic classics. Guy Newmark of California, who lovingly named his 356 “Blu” has had the car in the family – originally bought by his father in Stuttgart, Germany. He received the car as a graduation present – and has been driving it daily ever since.

“When I think of the future with Blu, I can only think of the past,” says Guy. “Because everything is going to be the same. Blue is my everyday car – I drive it to the gym, I drive it to work, I drive it wherever I’m going whatever the occasion is.” The car gets a regular service at every 3,000 miles, because it has the original engine and components – even the interior has been well maintained. It also wears the original Azure Blue paint job and the original chrome details – and we hope to see Blu reach its next million miles.