A full-sized working Batmobile from the 1989’s Batman, powered by a turbine engine, was built by a huge fan of the Series, fulfilling his childhood dream.

Ambition and fanaticism go hand in hand when we are talking about our childhood dreams, but when we can also afford to fulfill them joy replaces all other feelings.

This is the case of Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing, who decided to build his own replica of the 1989’s Batman movie, powering it by a turbine engine. We can only imagine what kind of modifications were made in order for the Batmobile to behave like a normal car.

The engine powering the Batmobile replica was used by the US Navy to power drone attack helicopters, and it develops around 365 BHP, which is pretty handy, considering the light weight of Putsch’s car.

The sound of the engine is incredible, I would like to hear that everyday in the city against a 16.000 rpm bike. Maybe you think it sounds like a vacuum cleaner, so do I, but than again my vacuum cleaner doesn’t have almost 400 HP.

You can watch the videos below.





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