[Video] Ford GT gets standing mile world record image

Just watch the video embedded below and you’ll assume hitting almost 300 mph (483 kph) is something that can be done effortless – but rest assured, this incredible performance is record-worthy.

M2K Motorsports is behind this previous-generation Ford GT, which is certainly one of the favorite models for fans looking to deliver such performances. The rather old supercar has now been upgraded to fetch a record-setting 293.6 miles per hour (472.5 kilometers per hour) run in the standing mile category. And we’re even getting the point of view from inside to marvel at the achievement. Watching the first part of the video might get you wondering how did it nail the record – the launch off the straight line is pretty much… casual. But as it goes down the speedway the car keeps building speed: the quarter mile clock stops at 161.7 mph, and the half mile marker is checked at 219.5 mph.

The beast machine started off as a 2006 GT – there’s a 5.4-liter V8 behind the driver and the original factory six-speed manual is still in place. M2K Motorsports hasn’t revealed the exact power output – but the same car back in 2013 did 278.2 mph (447.4 kph) when it had 2,000 horsepower (1,471 kilowatts), so extra muscle must have been dialed in to fetch another 15.4 mph (24.78 kph).