[Video] Mazda MX-5 vs Fiat 124 Spider is a half-blood battle image

Ever since the new generation MX-5 popped out fans of the lightweight and affordable Japanese car have been rejoicing – and now it turns out the rest of the interested folks were eagerly awaiting the Fiat 124 Spider.

The Italian model is based on the MX-5 – it’s even produced in the same factory. So why would someone put the Fiata and Miata against each other. The same reason why twin brothers aren’t exactly the same (ever seen a shooting session with twin blonde sisters?!). Anyways, Fiat has been rather surprised by the great welcome its 124 Spider has received – but if anyone remembers, they haven’t made a proper RWD car since before our parents were born. So no reason to be surprised, actually.

Anyways, even in terms of technical details the two models are set apart – and while the outcome is pretty easy to spot from the get go, it’s still reasonably fun to see these two open tops battle on the track. All in all, the scales tip in favor of the Miata anyway you look at it – the MX-5 is lighter, it can have a limited slip differential, etc. But our own conclusion is even easier – get the cult MX-5 in the great RF version and hit your purse with the Abarth 124 Spider for no regrets.