[VIDEO] Nissan GT-R crashed in the water image

Supercar crash day here on inatuonews.com and after the two Ferraris presented earlier today now we will move a bit to the East, going to Japan, the original country of one of the hottest cars out there: Nissan GT-R.

The fact that it’s powerful is no longer a surprise, the fact that it’s cheaper than many other slower cars is a good thing but the GT-R apparently can’t go fast underwater so if anyone know how to say that in Dutch, please feel free to do it: “You can’t win in the water, man!”.

It seems that the driver of the GT-R was coming home from this weekend’s Assen car festival in Holland when he bounced off a bridge ending up in water, so remember, take your pills before you go driving next time and also remember what we said above: “You can’t win in the water, man!”.

Sadly (or happily), depends on what side you are, the video doesn’t show the moment of the crash, the crowd only captured the extraction of the drowned Japanese.

Watch it below. Enjoy!