Group brothers and gentlemen racing rivals, Porsche and Audi share a long history of racing against each other in the world’s motorsport competitions.

Now as the Dieselgate scandal has taken its toll on the VAG Group, Audi has decided to retire from the FIA World Endurance Championship, enabling a heartwarming tribute from its fierce competition rival – Porsche. The German sports car manufacturer is displaying an impressive level of sportsmanship in a new video specifically designed for the Audi team. The clip is actually a play on Audi’s video for Porsche’s return to the high levels of endurance racing (see it below as well). In that commercial, an R18 was taken from its home in Ingolstadt, Germany, to Stuttgart to deliver a friendly message on the road in front of its new competitor’s headquarters – and along the way the racer passed man on a Porsche tractor.


The Porsche clip takes off from that guy farming with the red tractor and as he hears about Audi’s retirement from WEC on the radio decides to leave a message of his own. The result is of course touching and shows Porsche sympathizing with its fellow group companion. Audi has decided to remain committed to motorsport, though not at the same level as before – helping out the Abt Schaeffler team in Formula E and remaining involved in DTM.


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