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Top Gear’s Season 15 Episode 1 is now available. On this episode: Top gear will introduce a new Reasonably Priced Car.
Some rumors say that will be a Ford Mondeo. Clarkson tries out a 3-wheeler car, price while James goes up an Icelandic mountain with the new Toyota Hilux. On this episode the boys will review the new Bentley Continental GT Supersports. For those who don’t know, the Continental GT Suporsports is the fastest, most powerful Bentley ever. It gets power from the typical Bentley 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W12, tweaked to 621 hp and 590 pounds-feet of torque. That sounds like a lot, but the 12-pot has to pull serious weight — 2.5 short tons. That’s 4,939 pounds – a ton more than a Ferrari F430. Nonetheless, the Supersports’ power-to-weight ratio works out quite well, indeed.
On this episode also will be a Tea Party with 12 guests. Check out inautonews after 10 pm london time. Cheers.

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  • cptvarox

    how long until the new episode is up?

  • walid

    i wish jeremy i happy defeat on the 27-06-10
    1-4 to a country who build better cars than your's hope fully by now u knew it , did u or u did not u
    dont mention it jj

  • Tazzy

    It is one week to new episode.