VW accused of fabricating emissions documents in South Korea image

The South Korean authorities are investigation Volkswagen for allegedly falsifying several tests, including the ones for emissions levels.

A source told Bloomberg that Volkswagen manipulated 37 emissions and noise-level reports and it submitted them to the National Institute of Environmental Research in South Korea. VW Golf and Audi RS7 are among the models with falsified tests, said the officials of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office, adding that the company’s execs will have to answer this week to these accusations in front of a committee. This new development of the emissions scandal has also been confirmed by a local news agency.

South Korea, which has the second-biggest market in the region for diesel cars after India, has committed to investigate all the automakers in the country, following Volkswagen’s emissions scandal. The official raided in February the local office of Europe’s biggest carmaker and its Audi unit and also the house of senior company officials. They conducted a second search last month on suspicion that the company forged fuel efficiency test documents.

Furthermore, South Korea’s environment ministry has also been accusing Nissan of taking a similar detour-path as Volkswagen. He said in May that the Japanese firm has used an emissions bypass device on the Qashqai crossover Euro 6 diesel to deactivate its exhaust reduction system under regular driving temperature, planning to fine Nissan, to order a recall and to file a complaint against the head of the automaker’s local operations.

Via Bloomberg