20,000 Applicants for 877 Hyundai Jobs image

Last week Hyundai created 877 new jobs at its Montgomery plant to add a new production shift.

Until now almost 20, 000 people have applied for the jobs and the number is still rising. The Montgomery Advertiser declared that the company was so overwhelmed by the wave of applicants that it suspended the application process on May 18th. The application procedure will be reopened through June 2nd.

“It just continues to grow, ” said Scott Gordy of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama’s human resources department.

The applicants are sending their CVs through aidt.edu, the website for Hyundai hiring partner Alabama Industrial Development Training, which selects the strongest candidates for assessments at HMMA. By May 22nd, 18,500 persons applied for the jobs, from which 6,000-7,000 will be selected for the assessment stage.

On May 14, Hyundai started to interview potential workers from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. The screening takes one and a half hour and applicants take a multiple choice test and then meet two Hyundai team members for a short interview. About 200 people are processed a day.

“We’ve seen about 1,500 already,” Gordy said Tuesday. “I’ve been very pleased and excited to see the people coming through. They’re very eager about this opportunity. We are looking for the best of the best in the area.”