2013 Range Rover Vogue leaked image

The new generation of the Range Rover Vogue has recently leaked in an Italian publication, and the model seems to be inspired by the Evoque.

After what seems to be the upcoming Lamborghini SUV, based on the Aventador, leaked not too long ago in QuattroRoute.it, now another publication, this time Top Gear Italy, the February edition, is bringing us the new generation of the Range Rover Vogue. According to the Top Gear publication, the new Range Rover Vogue will wear the 2013 model year and the crossover will be launched this autumn. Our source is also telling us that the upcoming model is based on the same aluminum platform as the Evoque, which now has a longer wheelbase.

The 2013 Range Rover Vogue will be powered at first by a new turbodiesel V6 engine, which in standard version, will be emitting under 200 g of CO2 per kilometer. We’ve saved the most interesting part for the end of our news, and the February edition of Italy’s Top Gear magazine is telling us that a hybrid version of the new Range Rover Vogue will be offered later. The Range Rover Vogue Hybrid will offer a petrol engine and an electric motor, but figures like its performance remain unknown for now.

  • Aria

    This looks nothing like the spyshots that have been going around for the 2013 range rover.

  • Ahmad

    It might be the 2013 Sport.
    No way this is the 2013 Vogue

    • ariasd

      Well in europe the call the range rover "Range Rover Vogue" and the new little one is Evogue.

  • Billy P

    This was a picture that the top gear office created using photoshop. If you read the article it explains that this is NOT the actual concept.

  • gerald

    This baby rover was spotted at a Heathrow airport car park this week, absolutely fabulous.

    I want one immediately,