Ambulances are not exempted from traffic rules in Malaysia image

Ambulance drivers have to stop at a red sign and are not allowed to break the speed limit and other traffic rules in Malaysia.

According to the Malaysian Health Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman, ambulance drivers are required to switch on the sirens and beacon lights only if it’s necessary and they have to stop at the red traffic lights or where ever there is a “Stop” sign before proceeding. Using the sirens and beacon lights is only allowed if the patient’s condition is severe and it’s not at the discretion of the ambulance driver.

“The drivers should be told that even if they have the lights and beacon switched on, they would still have to obey traffic rules”, said Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman, the Malaysian Health Ministry secretary-general, who also added that ambulance drivers don’t have a licence to flout traffic laws.

Besides not being allowed to break traffic laws, the speed limits and others, ambulance drivers in Malaysia should know the best way to get to the scene of a crisis and back to the hospital during peak hours. In the even when patients will be taken to a destination more than a few hours away, the ambulance will have to have two drivers and one cannot be asked to work for more than 12 hours. The drivers will have a certificate which will be renewed every two years.