Aston Martin Vulcan makes debut at SPA – check out the tech and the Vulcan in Orange image

British luxury carmaker Aston Martin will unveil during the 24 Hours of SPA event its track-only Vulcan supercar.

Vulcan, which was presented for the first time to the public during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March, will be driven by Aston’s works driver Darren Turner.  Turner was involved in the design of the supercar from the very beginning.

Vulcan is there to deliver the highest level of on-track performance mainly developed from an extreme power to weight ratio – huge amount of power –  the car will be very light but with that comes huge amount of aerodynamic downforce.

A new unique engine will power this beast: 7.0 liter V-12 delivering 800+ hp . This engine has nothing to do with the one found in the One-77 – new block, new pistons, Cosworth ECU and Aston says the entire engine sits behind the front axle.

Aston Martin Vulcan Nurburgring 00

Aston Martin Vulcan Nurburgring 09

Aston Martin Vulcan Nurburgring 16

Inside there will be a control dial from which the driver will have the possibility to change the power of the engine – low, medium, and max power. The automaker says it is not clear yet what are the best values of this “power” dial – probably the first level will be 600 hp, second 700 hp and then full power.

The exhaust is made from titanium for max weight saving – it comes out on the side of the car so they are not messing with the aerodynamics at the back of the car.

Aston Martin Vulcan Exhaust

The torque tube is made from magnesium – it only weighs 9kg – 30% lighter compared to a normal torque tube of the same length.

Putting those 800+ hp down is the job of a six speed gearbox provided by the racing specialist Xtrac (608 gearbox) – this is a gearbox that is unique to Aston Martin.  It only weights 70 kg.

Suspension: the springs and dumpers are not mounted vertically in this case as Aston decided to mount them horizontally.  Each of the four dumpers is adjustable in four ways.

The breaking system is supplied by Brembo, obviously they are carbon fiber, but in the case of the Vulcan the brakes are using a lot of technology from F1. Six pistons on the front – four pistons at the rear. Bosh is the provider of the adjustable ABS System.

Aston Martin Vulcan Nurburgring 02

Inside, the rolls cage uses very different materials – normally a roll cage is made from the so called T45 steel, but in the Vulcan, Aston installs a roll cage made from 15CDV6 to save 6 kg. Considering that the roll cage sits quite high, this will help to lower even more the center of gravity.  Inside the roll cage we have two FIA approved Recaro sits. Both the driver seat and the pedalier are adjustable.

The driver display is supplied once again by Cosworth – it gives the driver a lot of information about how the car is performing, lap times, lap deltas compared to the previous lap, vehicle data logger, etc.

Aston Martin Vulcan Nurburgring 06

Aston Martin Vulcan Nurburgring 04

As expected GT3 + level of downforce and Aston says it worked very hard to keep the same characteristics of the car while under heavy braking or acceleration.  At V-Max the car produces 1.3 tons of down force. That is nearly enough to drive upside down!

The car is sold in white (even the interior is white) and the client will have the ability to personalize almost everything.

Customers will go on a three year “driver experience” program. So all in all this is Vulcan.

We are looking forward to see how this supercar will do over the years.