The German based automaker BMW is planning to develop a new mid-engined supercar which will hit the market in 2016.

Originally known as the M1, the new mid-engined supercar which will be developed by BMW is now known internally as the M8 and the model will see daylight for the first time in 2016, just in time to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. The BMW M8 will use carbon fiber, aluminum and other lightweight materials in order to improve its performance and maneuverability. The same underpinnings from the i8 plug-in hybrid will probably be used on the M8.

Instead of using the same powertrain from the i8, the BMW M8 will get a twin turbo V8 engine under its hood, which will produce approximately 600 BHP. This will be enough to allow the future BMW supercar to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in approximately 3.0 seconds, before reaching a top speed of around 200 mph. The BMW M8 will be a direct rival for models like the Audi R8 and Ferrari 485 Italia and it will be lighter than its competition. The model will see daylight for the first time in 2016. More details on the BMW M8 are limited for the moment and will be announced close to its debut.

Source: Car Magazine


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