BMW plans the M7 sedan? image

For years, the sportiest 7 Series has been the Alpina B7, which has been heavily breathed-upon by the namesake tuner and offered through official BMW dealers.

But now, according to U.S. chief Ludwig Willisch said he’d like to see the next-generation 7-Series, due in about three years, offer a proper M model to take on the likes of the Audi S8 and Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG.

Nitschke’s interview revealed a few more interesting details about BMW’s product plans, namely that turbocharged engines are here to stay. He said BMW has no plans to use superchargers for its M products, and it sounds like naturally aspirated M engines are a thing of the past as well.

In addition, the executive said manual transmissions will continue to be offered, but most of the M vehicles will come with transmissions that use software and electronics to “protect” the tranny from mismatched shifts.

BMW is a bit late to the game though, they always are. Years and years after Mercedes launched the CLS they realized they need a four-door coupe as well, and decided to make the Gran Coupe.

The M7 can be a hugely appealing car for those who don’t like the rather cheesy styling of the S-Class.