EXCLUSIVE: BMW not planning i8 Spyder and 7-Series derivatives, confirms X7 image

The Bavarian carmaker has made some announcements regarding some of its future models which give us a glimpse on how the future car lineup may look like.

Despite the success of the “green” sports car i8, the car manufacturer will not be developing a Spyder version of the model. The announcement has been made by a company representative when contacted by the inautonews.com team. The official was also asked whether BMW will apply the same “treatment” to the next-gen 7-Series as Mercedes-Benz did with its new S-Class and it seems that the flagship sedan will continue to be offered in two body styles, standard and long wheelbase.

“There are no plans to produce the BMW i8 Spyder. Nor are there plans to produce any derivatives of the 7 Series outside of standard and long-wheelbase”, said the company’s official when contacted by inautonews.com.

Despite ruling out the Spyder version of the i8 and the Coupe and Convertible variants of the upcoming 7-Series, the car manufacturer will develop a model which will stand above the current X5, the X7, and it seems that this will not be based on the flagship sedan.

“The BMW X7 will be produced in the future but that is a different proposition and is not based on the 7 Series”, our source added.

The initial reports were stating that the X7 will be riding on a platform shared between the next 5-Series and the next 7-Series and it will become a rival for models such as the GL-Class from Mercedes-Benz and the new Range Rover. The model will be able to accommodate up to 7 people and it should be produced in the Spartanburg facility. The X7 is said to be introduced in 2017 or in 2018.