BMW tri-turbo diesel, almost here image

The German car manufacturer BMW announced its intentions to produce the next generation of the X6 and 7 Series with a tri-turbo diesel engine.

BMW intends to put the new revolutionary engine into the next generation of the X6 (facelift), which will be launched next spring, and into the 2012 7 Series, expected on the auto market sometimes next year.

The new diesel engine will displace 3.0 litres and will benefit from a triple turbocharger system, generating between 345 BHP and 395 BHP.

The X6 facelift will be the first model from the Bavarian automaker which will be equipped with the tri-turbo diesel engine, and it is expected to be launched in March 2012, under the name X6 xDrive50d.

The 2012 7 Series, 750d, which will benefit from the same engine, will also get the xDrive (four wheel drive) system and it is an extended wheel base of the 750Ld model. Customers of the next generation of the 7 Series will be able to purchase it starting from mid-next year.