Bosh provides gasoline direct injection for the new Ferrari California image

The launch of the Ferrari California marks the Italian sports carmaker’s first production engine with direct gasoline injection. Bosch supplies the complete V8 engine injection system, which was developed in close collaboration with Ferrari’s engineers. The engine with 4,297 cubic centimeter engine displacement delivers 338 kilowatts (460 horsepower) at 7,750 revs per minute, the maximum torque is 485 Newton meters at 5,000 revs per minute. This is the first engine to feature solenoid-controlled injection valves with an injection pressure of 200 bar. Thanks to precise metering and optimum atomization of the fuel through the HDEV5 valves, the combustion process was improved considerably. The resulting 107 horsepower per litre of engine displacement is a noteworthy power output for naturally aspirated engines, and this with a considerably improved torque curve. At the same time, direct fuel injection allowed consumption and CO2 targets, which are also becoming increasingly important for Ferrari, to be achieved with confidence.

One injection system per cylinder bank
Another first in this V-type engine is that each cylinder bank has its own fuel-supply system, with fuel being delivered by two high-pressure pumps. The systems are synchronized by two Bosch MED9.6.1 electronic engine management systems.
In addition to the gasoline injection system, Bosch also supplies hot-film air-mass meter, lambda sensors, the ESP® premium braking control system, as well as a number of sensors for the Ferrari California.