Chevrolet Cruze diesel, coming up in the US image

General Motors is planning to expand its huge hit Chevy Cruze in the US by adding a diesel engine, which will rival with the Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid by the fuel consumption.

With an estimated 50mpg, Chevrolet Cruze diesel will rival with the 51mpg in the city and 48 on the highway of the environmentally friendly Prius.

According to the overseas press, the diesel version of Chevrolet Cruze won’t hit the showrooms earlier than 2013, with an estimated start level of over 20.000 US dollars, compared to the 16.525 for the entry-level which can be bought now.

The Cruze model is a success in the US market, with over 25.000 units being sold by General Motors last month, bypassing class leaders Toyota Camry or Honda Accord and slowly becoming best-selling car overseas, mainly due to the Japan’s tsunami in March, which affected the automotive market there, Toyota and Honda having fewer models to sell.

The introduction of the diesel Cruze in the US is based on the success of the Golf and Jetta models, with a growing market for these variants, so the concern of the auto giant, which feared that people won’t pay extra for a diesel enging, is unfounded.