Chinese solar power company Hanergy outs four concept cars image

Hanergy, a Chinese company that has a focus on solar power, has just entered the field of the automotive industry using no less than four prototypes that make use of solar panels.

You may have never heard of Hanergy, but this is one of those multinational corporations that actually want to save the planet while making a hefty profit – because it focuses on clean energy, as well as delivering solutions to lower the planet’s fossil fuel dependency. At a recent event in China the company took the wraps off four concept cars that use solar panels – which are powerful enough to recharge the batteries of the cars, though it will obviously be done in a bigger period of time compared to hooking up to the outlet.

First off we have the Hanergy Solar R – which looks as if the i8 married Koenigsegg and had children. The sports car has solar panels on the hood, roof, and on top of the doors, with electric motors allowing an all-wheel drive setup. The second is the Solar L, which this time around is an MPV featuring gullwing doors. With a rather polarizing design, the Solar L does have a huge solar panel. The third one has been named Solar A, featuring a wedge-shaped design because of the massive solar panels, which can even be extended. Last but not least is the Solar O, a city dwelling model. Hanergy thought of it as a commuter, housing two foldable electric scooters in the back and getting the solar panels on the roof and hood.

According to Chinese media reports, the powertrains allow a range of around 80 kilometers (50 miles) after six hours of energy collecting done by the solar panels. With the lithium-ion batteries charged form the standard network, the range jumps to 350 kilometers (217 miles).

Via Car News China