Chrysler recalling more than 4,200 Dodge Vipers for airbag failure image

Chrysler Group announced on Friday it is expanding a massive airbag recall to include more than 4,278 Dodge Viper sports cars globally.

Chrysler is recalling 3,660 2003-2004 Viper cars in the United States, 440 cars in Canada, 10 in Mexico and 168 in the rest of the world to fix airbags that could deploy inadvertently.

In October 2012, Chrysler recalled more than 920,000 vehicles worldwide over the same issue following 215 reports of improper airbag deployments and 71 minor injuries. The 2012 recall included the 2002-03 Jeep Liberty SUV and 2002-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

According to Chrysler’s report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the electrical architecture in the Viper airbags is similar to the vehicles recalled last year. So far Chrysler has no reports of improper airbag deployments in the Vipers. The carmaker will notify dealers and owners this month and install a harness to prevent inadvertent airbag deployments.

The recalls follow a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation that was opened in October 2011. Chrysler described the recall as voluntary, but once a manufacturer is aware of a safety problem it has five working days to tell NHTSA of its plan for a recall or face a civil fine.