Citroen chief says oddball C4 Cactus delivering a change in brand’s “spirit” image

PSA’s Citroen has long been recognized as a brand that often brought innovation to new levels – even if that meant quirky cars appeared on dealer lots. And while in recent times that trait had been dormant – it reemerged alongside the C4 Cactus.

While selling the model only in certain markets, Citroen has already delivered 90, 000 C4 Cactus autos since it was introduced last year and even won an accolade on a continent it will never reach – the World Car Design of the Year at the New York auto show in April. Citroen’s chief executive officer Linda Jackson wants to take the oddball compact hatchback spirit and deliver it to the rest of the brand’s models. The “Cactus-ization” has been showcased through the Aircross concept vehicle – signaling a sport utility vehicle with the spirit of the C4 Cactus could reach the brand’s lineup in the near future. She explained the model has three main areas of interest when talking about its “spirit”: “design, where you immediately recognize it’s a Citroen; comfort; and useful technology.” The CEO explained they are now keen to put into production the Aircross, especially considering the booming sales of the SUV segment.

Sales of the C4 Cactus have been spectacular in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain and even Germany, a very traditionalist market, has started to show increases in deliveries. And while it was only intended to be sold in Europe, the tremendous success is pushing the C4 Cactus to new markets – Australia and South Africa and maybe even Southeast Asia. PSA chief executive officer Carlos Tavares has said last year the company would move to cut the Citroen models from 14 to just half, but Jackson explains he referred to “silhouettes” – meaning platforms that can have any design on top.

Via Automotive News Europe