The Citroen DS4 has been recently awarded as being the 2012 Gay Car of the Year in France.

It’s not a joke even if I smiled when I’ve heard about it but apparently the gay community in France has named the Citroen DS4 the 2012 Gay Car of the Year. The award is apparently well known for being the most popular in its “segment” and the French compact car with premium aspirations has managed to overpass the Range Rover Evoque, which is actually the only car I like in this top 10 gay cars so I really have to wipe it off the list.

According to the guys over at, the great prize of the 2012 Gay Car of the Year has been won by the Citroen DS4 with 396 points, overpassing the Range Rover Evoquoe, which managed to gain 365 points. The “podium” was closed by the Mini Coupe with 347 points, which we must admit that it really looks gay. Citroen should be proud of their award because their hard work on developing the DS4 had finally been recognized. In other words, I’ve always thought that cars like the Golf Cabrio or Fiat 500 are gay, but for crying out loud, why is the Aventador in this top along with the SLS?

2012 Gay Car of the Year
1. Citroen DS4 – 396 points
2. Range Rover Evoque – 365 points
3. Mini Coupe – 347 points
4. Citroen DS5 – 295 points
5. Volkswagen Beetle – 222 points
6. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster – 169 points
7. Audi Q3 – 146 points
8. Lamborghini Aventador – 134 points
9. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet – 129 points
10. BMW 1-Series – 127 points
Previous winners
2011 – Peugeot RCZ
2010 – Fiat 500C
2009 – Alfa Romeo MiTo
2008 – Fiat 500
2007 – Alfa Romeo Spider
2006 – Aston Martin DB9
2005 – Mini Cabrio



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