DeltaWing Concept to compete at Le Mans 24 in 2012 image

The 24 hour Le Mans race is just around the corner – more precisely it will start on May 11. Nothing new.

However for 2012 some of the biggest names in American motorsport will join forces to showcase a unique concept demonstrating extreme performance with half the weight and horsepower of a traditional racing car.

The DeltaWing, initially proposed as a replacement for the current Dallara IndyCar for the 2012 season, will instead get a chance to compete in the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Not many details are known– but Project 56 revealed that it is holding talks with potential engine suppliers to provide a 1.6-liter turbocharged power-plant producing about 300 hp. Practically Project 56 is targeting competitive performance with only half the horsepower of the leading contenders. It does this through halving the amount of aerodynamic drag of traditional racing cars as well as a similar reduction in weight.

“The interest of this project is based on the optimisation of all factors that have an impact of global energy consumption and efficiency of the car : weight, power, drag.

“The ACO want to give the opportunity to evaluate each technology, and this project shows that ahead of hybrid, bio fuel or electric technology – we can explore other ways to improve efficiency.”