DSQUARED Reveals MINI Cooper Red Mudder for Life Ball 2011 image

Two Canadian designers named Dean and Dan Caten from the DSQUARED² fashion house have revealed their Life Ball MINI 2011 at the event called Life Ball in Vienna, Austria.

These twin brothers have put a lot of efforts together to turn their MINI Cooper S into more aggressive looking vehicle – the MINI Cooper Red Mudder. They have raised the chassis of this car and added all the terrain tires to give a more rugged look. Some of the additions that this monstrous looking vehicle now features are a new front guard, tinted side windows with mesh grilles, rally headlamps, and a spare tire for the tailgate.

All these have offered the MINI Copper a distinct and amazing look that will surely lure many. Besides, the Red Mudder boasts some good features at the interior as well. The additions are a compass and floormats that are made up of aluminum sheeting. The most fascinating addition on the Red Mudder is the crowned DSQUARED maple-leaf logo on the leather head restraints and also fitted on the outside of the doors.

The main motto of redesigning this MINI Cooper S is to ensure that the vehicle is equipped for adventures of all kinds. The compass in interior will basically help the passengers to head for the right direction, especially when the signs are unclear. And the aluminum sheeting will protect the inside of the car from dirt. Every year a one-off MINI is been created for the Life Ball, supporting the projects combating HIV/AIDS. This year, the MINI is supporting the biggest AIDS charity event in Europe for the 11th time.



By Sunita Mandal