[EXCLUSIVE] McLaren declines hatchback plans, confirms new sports car for 2015 image

McLaren has declined its plans to produce a Volkswagen Golf rival made out of carbon fiber but it has confirmed a new sports car which should make its way onto the market in 2015.

The but the truth is that the carmaker has no plans of putting such a model into production and when asked about the VW Golf rival, the company said that Frank Stephenson’s answer was more like a joke.

“Actually it was not really a news and Frank Stephenson said that more on a joke tone… McLaren has no plans to create and build a car in the C-segment”, said a McLaren representative when contacted by the inautonews.com team.

Besides denying all rumors on a possible McLaren hatchback, the British based automaker announced that a new sports car will be born in 2015, which will compete with models like the Porsche 911 or the Audi R8.

“In 2015, McLaren will launch the next all-new sportscar, and will take McLaren into a lower pricepoint (top-end Porsche 911/Audi R8)”, said the same McLaren representative.

This will become the third model into McLaren’s current lineup, after the MP4-12C and its 12C Spider convertible version and the brand new P1 hybrid supercar, which has been already sold out. For the new McLaren sports, we expect a rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout, with a carbon fiber monocoque and reduced size. Power will probably be provided by a derivative of the 3.8L V8 twin turbo engine. More details on the subject will probably be announced sometimes next year.