Exclusive: Subaru confirms BRZ successor, every scenario is possible image

The Subaru BRZ will not be discontinued and it will receive a successor, no matter what the plans are for the next Toyota GT 86 generation.

It is currently unknown whether Subaru will continue to collaborate with Toyota when it comes to the successor of the BRZ. According to a source within the company, the budget sports car will not be discontinued and it will receive a successor, but at the moment, it is not known what platform this will be using.

“The BRZ will not be discontinued and this has been confirmed by our President. These are just rumors and they are very similar that what we have heard once BMW collaborated with Toyota. Regarding the new platform, it is hard to say but we do not exclude any scenario, Mazda’s platform included”, said our source.

The statement has come right after a report was indicating that the new Toyota GT 86 generation will be making use of the Mazda MX-5 platform. An official decision hasn’t been taken within Toyota either and rumor has it that the company is “inches” away from finalizing its own rear-wheel drive platform. Besides the possible GT 86 and BRZ using the Mazda MX-5 platform, chances are this will be shared with a fourth model too, an upcoming roadster, coming from Fiat. This is said to be called the 125 Spyder and to get a 1.75 liter engine under its hood, the same one from the 4C, but probably with a different output.