Ford’s marketing VP: “F**k General Motors!” image

The Ford Company’s marketing and communications vice-president Jim Farley attacked the General Motors competition in an unique and uncensored way.

During an interview taken by a journalist of the New York Times, Ford’s VP, Jim Farley, said with an ironic smile on his face that he would beat the ones at Chevrolet with a baseball bat because he hates them so much.

Being used to polite statements and a non-fighting spirit, the Americans were shocked by Farley’s interview. “I will beat the ones at Chevrolet with a baseball bat. And I will love it”, said Farley, quickly going to the General Motors competitor: “We will beat them and it will be really funny. F**k General Motors. I hate them, I hate their company and everything they stand for. And I hate the way in which they are developing”, said Ford’s vice-president.

Competition between the two manufacturers just reached a new level and General Motors responded in a calm manner: “We didn’t expect such hard words from Ford”, said an official press release.

  • Tony

    Its about time someone at the top of Ford told GM how us Ford fan's feel……..bought a new caddy for my wife in '08 WHAT A POS !!! 2 major recalls ( timing chain) and countless other tbs's….

    Bravo Jim !!! Bravo